What is each anniversary called?

Need to know the weddding anniversary names and gifts by year? Here is a list of the traditional presents to give for each anniversary milestone. Our list includes all the traditional names and gift suggestions for each anniversary year. 

Wedding Anniversary Names and Gifts By Year


Anniversary Name

Modern Gift

1st (first) Paper Clock
2nd (second) Cotton China
3rd (third) Leather Crystal or Glass
4th (fourth) Linen Fruit or Flowers
5th (fifth) Wood Silverware
6th (sixth) Iron Sugar
7th (seventh) Copper Copper or Wool
8th (eighth) Bronze Bronze or Pottery
9th (ninth) Willow Linen or Lace
10th (tenth) Tin Diamond
11th Steel Jewellery
12th Silk Pearls
13th Lace Textiles
14th Ivory Gold Jewellery
15th Crystal Watches
20th China Platinum
25th Silver Silver
30th Pearl  Ivory or Diamond
35th Coral Jade
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
55th Emerald Emerald
60th Diamond Diamond
65th Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire
70th Platinum Platinum
80th Oak Oak


See our gift guides for each year below:

  • 1st Anniversary Paper Gift Guide
  • 2nd Anniversary is Cotton. 
  • 3rd Anniversary is Leather. 
  • 4th Anniversary is Linen.
  • 5th Anniversary
  • 6th Anniversary
  • 7th Anniversay
  • 8th Anniversary
  • 9th Anniversary
  • 10th Anniversary
  • 11th Anniversary
  • 12th Anniversary
  • 13th Anniversary
  • 14th Anniversary
  • 15th Anniversary
  • 20th Anniversary
  • 25th Anniversary
  • 30th Anniversary
  • 35th Anniversary
  • 40th Anniversary
  • 45th Anniversary
  • 50th Anniversary
  • 55th Anniversary
  • 60th Anniversary
  • 65th Anniversary
  • 70th Anniversary
  • 80th Anniversary

Where does celebrating wedding anniversaries come from?

It started back in Roman times when husbands gave their wives a silver wreath for 25 years of marriage and a gold wreath for 50 years. Over the years, this idea has led to the addition of more gifts and names for other years. 

Did you know that couples in the UK can receive a message from the Queen for a 60th, 65th and 70th wedding anniversary and every year after that?

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