Where can I get name labels for school clothing?

Where can I get name labels for school clothing?

With the kids nearly back at school or nursery, you've bought their school clothing and now you've got to label it. Every. Single. Item! 

There our 3 ways to do this and we'll cover each of type of label and where you can buy them.

We are going to start off with some of the things that newborns and babies always need. From there, we will get into different gift ideas for baby showers or those special occasions when you want a gift that is uniquely yours!

These are the most popular labels and work exactly as you'd expect - you iron them on. They're great for uniform, shirts and anywhere the fabric doesn't move around too much. For more stretchy items, like socks, swimwear or gymwear these will likely fall off and it is best to use either a sew-on label or stick-on label.

Available in black text on a white background from The Personal Shop

TIP- Make sure your iron is hot enough to allow the label to fuse to the clothing properly otherwise the label will come off in the wash.

Personalised Iron-on Name Labels

Sew-on Name Labels

Can be sewn into any item of clothing and survive the test of time really well. They take the longest to apply, because unless you have a sewing machine each one has to be sewn onto each item of clothing.
Available in a range of colours from Woven Labels UK


Stick-On Name Labels

By far the fastest and hassle free way of labelling everything quickly and in record time too. These labels simply stick onto the care labels of each item of clothing, wait 24 hours and they're ready for the washing machine and dryer. 

Available from The Personal Shop

Personalised Baby Clothing

We hope you found this blog post useful.

If you're unsure on what labels to choose or are looking for something more bespoke, don't hesistate to contact us via customerservices@thepersonalshop.co.uk. 

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