Where to buy the best personalised chocolate gift?

We have all been there - finding a good gift for a chocolate lover is hard. What do you buy for a chocolate lover and where do you buy it from.

  • Where to buy personalised chocolate?
  • What is the best personalised chocolate you can order online?
  • Do people prefer Cadburys or belgium chocolate as a gift?
  • What is the most popular chocolate gift?

At The Personal Shop, we love all things personalised and our personalised Cadbury range is loved by many of our customers year after year. Personalised chocolate makes a unique gift for anyone who is a fan of chocolate (and who isn't?). Whether you choose a box, bar or bouquet of chocolate, each can be customised to create a one of a kind gift which which certainly bring a smile to the recipients face. 

With an entire range of personalised chocolate, including not only our personalised Cadbury chocolate but also featuring handmade beligum chocolate and chocolate bars, you will be sure to find the perfect gift.

Our handmade belgium chocolate goes just that bit further when it comes to personalised chocolate. Write a name of message of your choice in white or milk belgium chocolate. 

When you are looking for a customised chocolate gift, it doesn't have to be pricey, as all of our gifts are designed to be personalised, even a personalised Toblerone can make a great gift for any occasion. With their name printed in the classic Toblerone font across the front, it might just be one of the best Toberlone bars they will have ever recieved.


Where to buy personalised chocolate?

Here are some of the best personalised chocolate website we have found for personalised chocolate:

  • Morse Toad - perfect for unique personalised chocolate message cards
  • Choc On Choc - luxury belgium chocolates which are handcrafted in the heart of Somerset. 
  • Chocolised - personalised belgium chocolate and sweet trees.
  • Thorntons - chocolate gifts which can be personalised with hand iced notes of appreciation
  • The Personal Shop - our website has a huge range of personalised chocolate bars, customisable chocolate bouquets and an officially licensed personalised Cadbury chocolate range.


What is the best personalised chocolate you can buy online?

Chocolate comes in many different types, flavours and sizes. When trying to pick a gift, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for the occasion and your budget. Here are some of the most popular choices for gifting chocolate:

  • Personalised chocolate bars
  • Personalised chocolate bouquets
  • Personalised belgium chocolate
  • Personalised chocolate from your favourite brands - Cadbury, Toblerone, Oreo

Personalised chocolate bars are a simple but great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and will always go down a treat. Prices range from £4-14 and range anywhere from 100g of chocolate to a whopping 850g of pure Cadbury Dairy Milk. You can customise the wrapper or packaging of the chocolate bar with a message or the recipients name - meaning you can create a truly personal gift.


 If you are looking for a chocolate gift for the wow factor, personalised chocolate bouquets are the way to go. Packed with chocolate bars, minatures chocolate and arriving ready to gift, chocolate bouquets come in a range of sizes and make a fantastic gift for any occasion. This personalised Cadbury mixed bouquet comes beautiful packaged and with the chocolate preattached it is a hassle-free gift filled with Cadbury favourites. 

Still looking for something a bit different? Personalised belgium chocolate offers unlimiited personalisation. With your chosen message or name handwritten in belgium chocolate. It is truly perfect for any chocoholic. 

Sweet trees are a classic twist on sweets and chocolate, creating a truly unique and mouthwatering gift that is entirely edible. 

 But of course everyone has their favourite chocolate bar and so why not gift a personalised version of it. With personalised Cadburys chocolate, personalised Toblerones and Green and Blacks, there is plently of choice to choose from. So whether they're a fan of Cadbury wholenut or a chunk of Toblerone, these personalised editions make a great gift for anyone who simply loves chocolate.


Do people prefer Cadburys or belgium chocolate as a gift?

We often get asked by customers considering giving chocolate as a present whether belgium or artisan chocolate is preferred over Cadburys or big brand chocolate. Belgium or artisan chocolate can be seen as more of luxury gift and generally is more pricey. However, with that being said, it depends on the person. Some people would prefer the creamier, classic chocolate taste of Cadburys dairy milk or Wispa Gold. There is no definitive answer and this is really the secret to finding the perfect gift. Make sure it is not what you want to get them but what they would like the most.

What is the most popular chocolate gift?

 When it comes to personalised chocolate, Cadburys is loved by many and is the obvioius choice for anyone who has a favourite chocolate bar within the Cadbury range. If they are into football, combining their love of chocolate with football is now possible, with an officially licensed range of Premier League football clubs now on the 850g Dairy Milk Bars. This forms part of our popular personalised football chocolate range. 

Personalised Cadbury Football Chocolate