Where can I buy cheap online greeting cards in the UK?

Greeting cards are such a classic part of gifting and the history of greeting cards dates back to the ancient Chinese who wrote messages of goodwill to celebrate a New Year and even to the early Egyptians who scribbled on papyrus scrolls to send greetings.

The bottom line is greeting cards are a lovely way to send a personal message to someone on a special occasion such as birthday, wedding or christening. The key benefit of online cards are that they can be personalised with your own photos and even the design itself can be customised for milestone occasions such as a 21st Birthday or with their name on the front of the card.

Here are our top 10 greeting card websites in the UK. We picked them based on value for money (price), card variety and ease of use in personalising your card. 

  1. Moonpig.com - if you haven't heard the classic Moonpig jingle then where have you been for the last couple of years? The site has a fantastic range of cards which you can bundle with a gift. We found it fastest to download the app where you can create handy reminders which will notify you when someone has a special occasion coming up. Cards are also available in a range of sizes from £3.59 for standard card (13.2 x 18.5mm) to Giant card from £8.99. The only down side is Moonpig prices do not includes delivery and you must create an account before you can checkout. 
  2. Funky Pigeon - a fun quirky card range at a cheaper price than Moon Pig. An A6 card costs just £2.49 excluding delivery (lowest delivery option is 95p). Therefore you can order a personalised card at the bargain price of just £3.49 including 1st Class delivery.
  3. Card Factory - what is great about Card Factory is that click and collect is available because they have high street stores across this UK. This makes Card Factory perfect for last minute personalised cards and gifts as you can order online and collect when convenient. Prices start from £2.79 and they offer second class delivery at the cost of 70p. This puts Card Factory on the same price point as Funky Pigeon at just £3.49 for a personalised card, albeit via Royal Mail 2nd Class.
  4. Thortful

Top Money Tip - downloading the app of Moon Pig, Funky Pigeon or Thortful will normally give you a discount of your first order with them.