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    Birth flowers are similar to birthstones. Each month has a different flower with a unique meaning. && No matter which month you're gift hunting for, our personalised birth flower gifts, cover every month and make a lovely birthday gift.

    What are Birth Flowers?

    You've probaly heard about your zodiac and birthstone but you probably haven't heard of a birth flower which has its own special meaning. To find out your birth flower for the month you were born on, see our are handy list below.

    What is my Birth Flower?

    • January - carnation and snowdrop 
    • February - violet and primrose
    • March - daffodil and jonquil
    • April - daisy and sweet pea
    • May - lily of the valley and hawthorn
    • June - rose and honeysuckle
    • July - delphinium and water lily
    • August - gladiolus and poppy
    • September - aster and morning glory
    • October - marigold and cosmos
    • November - chrysanthemum
    • December - holly and narcissus
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